we are common insignificant sinners with a simple passion for the advancement of the Judeo-Christian faith.

the ecumenical examiner is dedicated to the power and glory of the God of Creation, Yahweh, and Yeshua the Messiah.

   The Way of the Christian and the ecumenical examiner have never made use of Facebook or Twitter. Frankly, we can't stand either Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey and refuse to contribute to their customer base. Sorry. This was an editorial decision made many years ago, against the recommendations of marketing advisors, who knew the best way of getting the 'word' out.

   Likewise, we do not make use of utube, snapchat, instagram, or any of the other so-called 'social media,' known collectively as the place where facts go for twisty crooked makeovers, or otherwise known as the big fat sewer-pipe dischargers, flooding the totality of existence with an embarrassing amount of vile filth at light speed across the universe.

   On the other hand, anyone that may wish to communicate with us can do so through email. We're always happy to hear from you. We even love the hate mail, and always try to respond. We love and appreciate all of our readers, thank you.

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